Vibration Plate

It is a device which utilizes the principle of vibration to battle obesity, improve your health, and to tone and shape your body without any physical exertion.  Someone who uses it as prescribed is able to get rid of between 4 to 7 kilos of excess weight, substantially tone their body and skin as well as heighten their mood – and all this within 2 weeks!

The technique of vibration is quite innovative and is being implemented in Dream Healther.  The machine creates rotational vibrations which procure fatty tissue which in turn forces the muscles to utilize nearly all of their muscle fibrils, resulting in increased efficiency that is significantly higher than that produced by training methods so far. 

Dream Healther 1

The effects include:
  • Burning of fat deposits and subcutaneous fat
  • Excellent slimming aide
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Correction, sculpting and toning of posture
  • Increasing fitness and strength
  • Reduction of tension in joints and ligaments
  • Raising of overall endurance
  • Enhancement of motor coordination
  • Stimulation of the cardiovascular system
  • Stimulation of lymph and blood circulation
  • Regulation of cholesterol levels and augmentation of metabolism. 

Training time/length:  15 minutes.

Dream Healther 2

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