Rolletic Massage

It is a mechanical massage which alleviates muscle tension.  It improves blood and lymph circulation throughout the whole body.  It speeds up the burning of fat and reduces cellulite.  A massage performed regularly forms posture, reduces fat rolls and strengthens muscles. 

Roller massage utilises acupressure – one of the techniques of Chinese folk medicine. By pressing specific spots we are stimulating related internal organs simultaneously. For this reason, roller massage has a beneficial effect on the entire body. Acupressure – well-known around the world as an alternative method for treating various conditions – has been practised for thousands of years. This historical record may be the most distinctive evidence of acupressure’s effectiveness. Rolletic massage applies this tried and tested technique in order to respond to the most contemporary of needs: to burn fat in specific problem areas and to facilitate weight loss.  

Rollen masaż

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