KRAUL Tennis School

Children age 6 and up are welcome to join courses where they learn to play or perfect their game of tennis. Classes are conducted throughout the academic year on a covered court (artificial surface) at the CASCADA Sports and Recreation Centre at Szuwarowa Street in Krakow. These take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays in 4-6 person groups and learners are grouped by age and ability.  

Classes take place in a friendly and cozy atmosphere and are conducted by experienced and well-liked  instructors. We offer advice on equipment as well as rent out tennis rackets free of charge

Learning to play tennis in conjunction with a lot of fun provides the learner with a great deal of satisfaction and joy. What’s more, adequately designed training sessions ensure a well-balanced development of a child’s fitness and coordination. Our training programme is devised in such a way so as to teach a child appropriate movements, techniques and tactics on a tennis court right from the beginning.  

You are most welcome to visit our web page.

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Język / Language:
Cascada - english version
Cascada - polska wersja